Who We Are

St. Paul’s Parish is a congregation of The Episcopal Church.  Our people live in Baden, Aquasco and in nearby communities. Some of our families span several generations.  Many of us are lifelong members of the parish while some are new.  We welcome all people on our journey of faith.

The Church’s Mission

Episcopalians believe that the Church’s mission is to restore all people to God and each other in Christ. We pursue this mission as we pray and worship, proclaim the Gospel, and promote justice, peace, and love. We carry out our mission through the ministry of all our members.

The Mission of St. Paul’s

What’s true of the Church in general is true of us as well. We understand our specific mission as restoring all people to God through our Lord Jesus!


The roots of our parish go back to 1692. The current St. Paul’s Church was built in 1734 and is now amoung the oldest church buildings in Prince George’s County. Our best known rector was Thomas John Claggett, first bishop of Maryland and the first Episcopal bishop consecrated in this country. St. Mary’s Chapel was organized in 1848; the current building dates from 1920.  We are grateful for our legacy of service and work to continue to proclaim the Good News!